What are the characteristics of water with symbolic and creative significance on human life and culture?

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Water is inclusive of such characteristics and nature as are capable of building the character of a human. If the human being can best imbibe and emulate the nature of water in his or her own character, consequently, he or she gets ready for the realization of the meaning of life and its purpose. The following are the discernible characteristics or qualities of water which can be pursued by any person on his or her way of realizing the meaning and spiritual objective of life:-

1. "Water is self-abstergent or self-purifier; similarly a human should have the quality of self-abstergence.
2. Water maintains its evenness; therefore, it is the symbol of mobility for equanimity and that is a followable trait for every human being.
3. Water is self-flowing towards the boundless ocean, the vast state of its own existential origin. Man has to run to meet the boundless ocean of consciousness.
4. Water is formless or shapeless, penetrative and infinitely supple but unfathomably strong; a human being too should endeavour to have such characteristics.
5. Water is transparent; and man's heart should be trasparent.
6. Water is colourless; similarly the human mind should be free from the colours of wrong opinions.
7. Water is odourless.; and the mind should be free from foul odours.
8. Water can stay in three states indicating to the flexibility of its own existence.
Water quenches thirst for it carries the contents of life in all living beings; therefore, water is called life." (Ref. Sailen Debnath, The Meanings of Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Myths, ISBN 9788129114815, Rupa & Co., New Dehi)
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