What are the benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own materials?

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before making your own materials in teaching it is of great help if you conduct a survey of making materials before hand. you are able to provide enhancement based on what you have observed.
saves time.....
you can copy ideas
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Why company chooses to make its own material than buy?

By using own material they can reduce the overall cost of production of products because while buying it from others will have less margin, also have some transportation cost
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What readily available materials are used to make methamphetamine?

red phosphorus sodium hydroxide lithium naptha pseudoephedrine salt vinegar methanol isopropyl alcohol sulfuric acid ethyl ether hydrochloric acid water iodine 111 trichloroet

What are the 3 benefits of doing a survey of available materials?

1) So you have a quota of the materials you have in stock. Allowing you to know how much of a set group of materials you can export, and inport when you require it. 2) So