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What are the advantages of biofertilizers over chemical fertilizers?

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Biofertilizers are for environmentalists. Chemical fertilizers get the job done faster, better and with more interesting reactions. Hint: Look at the base of the flower root three minutes after applying any chemical fertilizer, and watch it change colour.
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What is in chemical fertilizers?

Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash with a variety of other trace elements and metals. This is also know as the analysis. Look on a box of 'Miracle Gro' the next time you are at

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chemical fertilizers?

Advantages Chemical fertilizer can be made much faster unlike the natural fertilizerIt has much more NPK, usually around 20 to 60 percent, natural fertilizer usually only has

The advantages and disadvantages of chemical fertilizers?

Advantages of Chemical Fertilizers:- We need more food to feed increased population. This is only possible through high yielding varieties of food grains and other food mate

What do chemical fertilizers do to you?

They can harm you by getting the chemicals in the fertilizers into your body. The fertilizer does this by they chemicals in it get into the ground and if you have a well; they

What are the advantages of chemical fertilizers and pesticides?

Fast acting and results oriented are advantages of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Specifically, chemical fertilizers act nutrients quickly into the soil and into the

Advantages of internal over external fertilization in plants?

With internal fertilization, ovums are more protected so that seeds can be grown to maturity. The chances of seeds growing into daughter plants may also be a little higher tha

What are the advantages of homemade orchid fertilizers over commercial fertilizers?

That they can be adjusted to fit the individual situation is an advantage of homemade over commercial orchid fertilizers. Specifically, orchids are picky drinkers and eater
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What are chemical fertilizer?

Chemical fertilizer is any inorganic materials that is inserted into the soil for the growth and cultivation of plants. Examples are ammonia, ammonium sulphate, potash, urea,