What are the advantages and disadvantages of child abuse?

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There are no advantages of child abuse.. Child abuse is a very serious issue and nobody should do it in the first place. Innocent children should not be punished with violence.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of child labour?

advantages.. . it keeps them healthy and strong.. disadvantages . Lack of motivation: the quality of labour decreases while absenteeism may rise. . Growing dependency:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of child labor?

Child laborers can bring money to the family as well as the child gets to learn a trade that can be of use later in their life. The bad thing is that they are not educated so

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a child psychologist?

The advantages of being a child psychologist is the reward one canget with helping children overcome their disabilities anddeficiencies. A child psychologist also has flexible

What are the disadvantages of child abuse?

Everything! These questions are like, asked by morons, and by seeing your question, I get it, you abuse a child, and you should be reported to the Police, thank you for readin

Advantages and disadvantages of child mortality rates?

adv: child mortality rates often gives a good indicator of the country's healthcare, as babies are more likely to catch a disease than adults and so if the imr is low then hea

What arethe advantages and disadvantages of child abuse?

There aren't any proven advantages and obviously there is no scholar that would recommend anyone to abuse a child. However, if you have survived child abuse you have to deal w

What is girl child education and its advantages and disadvantages?

I am completely against that as well, being a girl and all, but for the sake of helping you: Girls make less pay in the work field in most cases so they should just work at ho