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What are the Pros and cons of being a Student athlete?

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pro.... sports are awesome... con less time to work for $ and work on homeworkz
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What are the pros and cons of being the youngest?

I'm a youngest child, and i must say, being the youngest, you many times get want you want and a lot of attention, but you are always underestimated in what you can do, and pa

Pros and cons of being a artist?

pros- you get to use your imagination  you get to satisfy customers  you get money by making other people happy  you get to put all your feeli

Pros and cons of being a pro drummer?

Pros: Possible Fame Possible High Pay Possible Traveling to "Dream" Destinations Cons: Likely Ear Damage Small Chance the Pros will come true whats' the differenc

What are pros and cons for athletic trainers?

  Cons:   1. Constant doubting from others on your methods   2. dealing with certain players that wont commit to getting healthy   Pros:   1. Salary plus tips

What are the pros and cons of being a singer?

Pro's: Good money, being popular, having tons of ADORING fans, and on top of it all doing something that you love (it you like singing, that is) Con's: Paparazzi, not having

Pros and cons of being a secretary?

Cons: -Low wages -stressful assaighnments -over load in work Pros: -it can be a joy if you always wanted to become a secretary. -You can be promoted as an executiv

What are the cons of being an athletic trainer?

i am werkin on dis in skool rite new. pros are u mite make alot of $$$$$$$ and its a perrrty fun job. cons are u mite make a low amount of $$$$$$$$$ and that it takes alots of

What are the pros and cons of being a welder?

there is alot of cons if you ask me, to name a few: Breathing toxic fumes and dust, loud noises, lossing eye sight over time, heavy lifting, getting burns, smashing fingers, w
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What were the pros and cons of being a loyalist?

the pros of being loyalist are #defend law and orders #you are  ready to fight for king an country # constitutional government #  patriotism ---- and the cons are # serving