What are the Jonas Brothers nationality?

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Italian, German, Irish, and Cherokee Indian. That is from where they descent, their nationality is American Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas
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Who are the Jonas Brothers?

They are 3 boys who are brothers that made a band together. Some oftheir songs are "S.O.S", "When You Look Me in the Eyes", "Hold On"and lots more. "Music on Red Bull." Withou

About the Jonas Brothers?

A band consisting of three boys Nick, 17, Joe 20, and Kevin, 22. Currently have released three albums and are set to release a new one on June 16th.Lines, vines and trying tim

What are the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers Are A Popular Boy band. They Sing A Lot Of Songs. Their Newest Album Is Lines, Vines And Trying Times. Their Names Are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. They Are B

What is Jonas brothers?

The Jonas brothers are a band of three young men- Joseph Adam Jonas, Nicholas Jerry Jonas, and Paul Kevin Jonas. They also have a little brother, Franklin Nathaniel Jonas, peo

Who is who in the Jonas Brothers?

Nick is the cute, sensitive one!. Joe is the cute, funny one!. Kevin is the cute, romantic one!

Where are the Jonas brothers' from?

The Jonas Brothers are from Wyckoff, New Jersey. However, Joe was born in Phoenix, AZ, and Nick was born in Dallas, TX. Kevin is the only one born in NJ.

What was the Jonas brothers?

was? you mean are! they are the most cute, sweet hearted, best musicians on the entire earth (according to me) but im a teenage girl so what d'ya expect! serch them up on yout

Where were the Jonas brothers?

This question doesn't give enough information in this question. I need to know when your talking about this.. -Giovanna.

Are the Jonas Brothers national or international?

International-they are known throughout the WORLD.. They are not know in poorer of LEDC for obvious reasons but in the MEDC they are know but it is a matter of wheather you l

Jonas brothers are who?

The Jonas brothers are three brothers who have a band together called the Jonas brothers the oldest brother is Kevin the middle brother is joe and the youngest us nick. Thery