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Five Themes

Location - Coordinates are 25° 46′ 27″ N, 80° 11′ 37″ W. Located in southeast Florida, surrounding Miami, and bordering the Atlantic Ocean

Place - Miami-Dade County has a tropical climate, a diverse population, the nation's largest transshipment point for cocaine from Colombia. Miami is known for it's beaches and tourists. Also for citrus and palm trees.

Human-environment interaction - Miami-Dade County is prone to hurricanes. Hurricane Andrew rampaged Miami in 1990. The city has always wondered about a catastrophic hurricane destroying the city.

Movement - Miami-Dade County was intially inhabited by Native Americans until they were conquered by the British and Spanish in the 1700's. Railroad expansion caused the city to grow in the early 1900's along with becoming a popular vacation spot for those living in northern climates. Today, immigration from places like Cuba have made Miami an hispanic city.

Regions - Miami-Dade County is located in the South but hardly belongs to the U.S. South. Miami is more associated with Cuba and other Latin American countries. Miami has a distinct flavor and is probably in a region of it's own
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