What are symbols for balance?

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ying and yang?

I believe it is yin and yang. That's why you got a red squiggle under "ying."
(New Edit) Yes, yin snd yang are the most well known symbol for balance. The circles of opposite color in each side represent the balance, how one as a bit of the other and vice versa. Yin is often associated with females and yang with males. Hope this helped!
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Balanced symbol equation of rubidium and water?

2Rb + 2H 2 O -------> 2RbOH + H 2

What tattoo symbolizes balance?

Ying yang tattoos are the most common ones that represent balance.Though scales are a close second. Many people just choose a itemthat is personally linked to their idea of ba

What is the ticker symbol for New Balance?

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. is a privately held company and is not publicly traded. Therefore it has no ticker symbol.

How do you balance a symbol equation?

You balance a chemical equation by adding coefficients in front of the chemical formulas. Never change the subscripts because that would change the chemical formula.

Why must all symbol equations be balanced?

All symbol equations must be balanced to see how much you need or how much you get. This may not be neccecary for amateur chemist. But it is very important for industries. Is

How do you balance the symbol equation of ruthenium chloride?

Ruthenium chloride isn't an "equation", it's a compound. So I'mgoing to assume you meant the combination of ruthenium and chlorineto produce ruthenium chloride. Redox equatio