What are statistics by ton by country for coal production since 1970?

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China is the world's leading coal producer at 3,650 million tonnes per year since 1970. The United states and India follow closely with 930 and 610 million tonnes respectively.
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How big is a ton of coal?

1 Ton(2000lbs) coal is appox 40 cubic feet this varies by the character of the coal and the honesty of the weight

How many BTU per ton of coal?

20 Million BTU. . The heat content of coal varies.. Bituminous coal typically has a gross heating value of 30,600,000 BTU per ton. The net heating value is 26,000,000 BTU pe

Has productivity increased in the British coal industry since 1920?

Productivity has undoubtedly increased since the 1920s, throughbetter machinery etc., but quantity of production has droppeddrastically in the last few decades because most Br

How much does a ton of coal cost?

Too many variables to answer- type of coal? Pickup or delivered? Where? Prices may range from $30-$65 per ton.

Which countries have coal?

China produces almost half of world's coal; Australia exports the most coal; Japan imports the most coal. Top coal producers, according to the World Coal Institute as of 2006

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