What are specific characteristics of the different forms of mass media?

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Characteristics of Mass MediaThis is a great website to visit to learn about all the characteristics of the different forms of mass media:
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  • If I understand the question correctly, newspaper or print media is for the person who can read leisurely and at will. TV is for people who are structured and organized and who follow a schedule (i.e. TV Guide). Radio is for people who want to be informed or entertained, but are too busy with their hands to read, like driving or working. Radio is also easy on the eyes like when laying in bed at night....Next!

____________-a network tv show is the actuall answer u are looking for
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Difference between mass media and multi media?

multi media is a field concerned with the computer controlled integration of text, graphis, drawings, audio and or animation or any other type of information that can be proce

Is video games a form of mass media?

Yes. The video game industry makes billions of dollars annually, and nearly seventy percent of Americans play computer games. That's not even including the rest of the world.

Difference between media and mass media?

Mass Media are diversified media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication, while Media are the tools used to store and deliver informa

What is a form of mass media?

Books. News papers. Magazines. Anything either print or broadcast that reaches a wide audience simultaneously. Social media OS changing the definition of what it constitutes.