What are some examples of personality traits?

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A personality trait is anything internal, such as the way you speak or walk, or your likes and dislikes.
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What are some examples of traits?

features from a higher generation No traits are the characteristics of a person for example if someone has big ears or a big nose or long hair those are traits Exampes of tra

What are some examples of character traits?

A Character Trait is an adjective, describing a character, or even yourself. However, adjectives which arise from social interaction, physical appearance, or emotional state a

What are some examples of culture traits?

Some examples of culture traits are religion, clothes, food, music, language, beliefs, sports, and dance. Some more examples are skin color and utensils.

What are the values example of personality traits?

examples of personality traits are loyal, stubborn, kind, ect. i need help with it too. hmmm i think creative-ness is one too. anything just make sure it does not have to do w
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What are some personal traits for Libras?

They love to make good first impressions. They don't like to be rushed. Often weighs pros and cons before making a decision. Talkative. Very good at solving conflicts. Loveabl