What are some examples of freeware software?

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Linux is the best example of freeware software. Other popular software is Java, MySql, Netbeans, Webmatrix etc.
There are many more software that is free to use.
Some companies offers free trials of his software also but they for limited use or some companies withdraw some features in freeware software.
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What are some examples of freeware?

Mozilla Firefox . Opera web browser . Google Chrome . MAME . VLC . MPlayer . Jnes . Nestopia . OpenOffice.org . PuTTY . Frostwire . Kega Fusion . ImgBurn . Adobe

What is the difference between freeware and software?

I think your question is "Difference between freeware and shareware". Then freewares are the softwares for which you don't need to pay just download it whereas the sharewares

Give an example of freeware?

One example of freeware is the web browser you're using. Firefox,Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome are all considered freeware.

Examples of freeware software?

Avast!, Malwarebytes and Spybot are examples of anti-malwareprograms that offer both paid and freeware versions. BigOven is anexample of freeware that lets people store recipe

Freeware software for data recovery software?

I have used this to recover my data but was highly disappointed.Paid a lot money and didnt get anything in return. Then a friendsuggested me stellar data recovery and since i

Which freeware antivirus software equals to Kaspersky?

AntiVir Personal Avira GmbH - 28.61MB (Freeware) Avast! Home Edition 4.8.1335 Alwil Software - 29.81MB (Non-Commercial Freeware) AVG Free Edition 8.5.287

What are some examples for freeware?

Some code has been made publicly available, on the license that those that distribute it are not allowed to charge for it. Most well known is the "GNU" license. if you copy th

Is GPL software freeware?

No. The terms of the GPL do not forbid selling the software; they simply require you to provide the source code to the program and any changes you have made. So if I write a p
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What is the use of Freeware Software?

Freeware is software provided at no charge to the consumer. It usually carries the condition that it be used for personal use only. The software is sometimes only partially