What are signs the liver failure is near?

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rising liver function tests ( blood test)
jaundice ( yellow tint under skin first detectable in the eyes)

Also, you probably won't feel too good for months or years before total failure and ultimately, death.
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How long can you live with liver failure?

there really isnt a date. one your liver fails and you dont get another from a donner or family member then u have a slim chance of living and you die because you liver flushe

What is end of liver failure and what to expect?

End stage liver failure is also known as cirrhosis. The patientwould have fluid and may look pregnant, they could be jaundiced,and experience no pain or quite a bit of pain. T

Can aspirin lead to liver failure?

YES! . Research shows that about 50% of patients who were given Aspirin (also called acetylsalicylic acid) regularly in anti-inflammatory doses have developed mild, dose-depe

Can bulimia cause liver failure?

Bulimia can cause a ton of things. * Anemia * Ruptured esophigas * Ulcers * Constipation * Brittle, dry skin *Bruised knuckles * Organ Failure---including liver

What Are Signs of liver failure in Min Pins?

The early signs of liver disease in any breed of dog are loss ofappetite, weight loss, and chronic intermittent vomiting anddiarrhea. Drinking and urinating more may be the fi
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Can fatty liver cause liver failure?

According to information found on the Mayo Clinic website, there are two types of fatty liver disease. One is nonalcoholic and is generally caused by obesity and a high fat di
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What are the causes of fulminant liver failure?

Fulminant liver failure most commonly happens during acute viral hepatitis, but it is also the result of mushroom poisoning by Amanita phalloides and toxic reactions to some m