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Indeed they are bacteria! The Gram stain is a common, inexpensive, and very useful test that Medical Technologists (laboratory workers in hospitals) do to help doctors diagnose and treat bacterial infections. The bacilli part simply means the shape of the bacteria. A bacillus is a rod-shaped bacteria - think of a tiny sausage! The other common shape is a "coccus" or "cocci" (cocci and bacilli mean there is more than one) which is a sphere - like a tiny grape. I won't go into the details of the test, but basically the specimen (whatever body fluid was submitted to the lab) is stained in a special way that typically shows one of two different results: Gram negative or Gram positive. Why does Gram positive or negative matter? First, it helps with deciding WHAT the bacteria is and second, it helps determine WHAT ANTIBIOTIC can be used to treat an infection with it. Gram positive bacteria have a very thick outer cell layer made of peptidoglycan which stains dark purple. Gram negative bacteria have different layers on the outside of their cells and the peptidoglycan layers are much thinner - so they stain pink. So a Gram positive bacillus is sausage/rod shaped that stains dark purple with a Gram stain test. Examples are: Clostridium, Bacillus, and Listeria, but there are MANY more!
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What is Bacilli?

Answer . Bacilli refers to any rod shaped bacteria. It is stage of taxonomy is called the class, which comes after the Super Kingdom: Bacteria and is also a division of th

What are gram negative bacilli?

Gram negative bacterium are bacterium that do not hold the dye used to to identify them as gram positive bacterium.

How do you get gram positive bacilli?

You do not " get " them, but gram positive bacteria are gram positive because their cell wall is of sufficient thickness and properly constructed to hold the Gram stain. They

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Given that the two species of swarming gram negative bacilli are Proteus vulgaris and Proteus mirabilis , one must find the tests that differentiate these two organisms. Re
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Where do you get bacilli?

You get bacilli from anywhere. It is type of microorganism and itcan be found all over the place.
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What resistant forms of bacteria are produced by gram positive bacilli of the most dangerous disease bacteria?

Your question is not clear. Do you mean do some Gram + bacilliproduce resistant forms. If so, you are thinking of those bacteriathat produce endospores. They form these when t