What are facts about Hillary Clinton?

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Hillary Clinton has many fan sites but many are out dated. One she has said to be good is

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Who is Hillary Clinton?

Born: 26 October 1947� -. Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois� - * . Best Known As: The former First Lady who ran for president . - Name at birth: Hillary Diane Rod

What are seven facts about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

She is the first (and thus far, the only) former First Lady to become a US senator. She was Barack Obama's rival in the 2008 presidential race, when she tried unsuccessfully t

When did Hillary Clinton meet Bill Clinton?

I believe they met at Yale University. . They met at a bar. Chelsea was conceived....and they were married. Unhappily. : (. That's where Lewinsky came in. ;). I

Who was Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton was born in Arkansas and she has a degree for science and law. She ran for president in 2008 but lost against Barack Obama. Now she is secretary of state. A

Where is Hillary Clinton?

Bill, I've told you before - if you can't find her, that's not our problem. Next time, keep a better eye on her.

What are seven facts about Hillary Clinton?

1. She was born on October 26 1947 2. She has 2 brothers named Hugh and Anthony 3. She won a Grammy for best spoken album in 1997 4. She went to Yale 5. She married Bill Clint

What did Hillary Clinton do?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing more specifics. Hillary Clinton is a former First Lady, a former US Senator, and a former Secretary of State in the fir