What are examples of first second and third class levers in the musculoskeletal system?

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This is actually 3.0 musculoskeletal and 76 gr of musculoskeletal
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Examples of second class levers?

The examples of levers of second class are :-- . A bottle opener . Orange squeezer . etc. . wheelbarrow . door . nutcracker .

What is an example of a third class lever?

A broom is an example of a class three lever because the effort is in the middle of the fulcrum and load Some examples are . Broom . Hockey Stick . Arm . Boat Paddl

What is the difference between first class second class and third class levers?

the difference is the position of the fulcrum. a first class lever has the fulcrum between the lode and applied force. a second class lever has the load between the fulcrum an
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How are second class levers and third class levers different?

1) In second-class levers, the effort arm is always longer than theload arm. In third-class levers, the efform arm is always shorter thanthe load arm. 2) In second class lever
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What are 5 examples each of first class second class and third class levers?

That's a tall order. I may need a lever to get up that high. Forall the tools I will mention, some of them from a lever when youhold onto them and use them, others are levers