What are common errors colleges make in the selection and recruitment of students?

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In general: recruiters overlook students who have low SAT scores but have high GPAs, students that may have suffered some type of economic or familial hardship that interrupted their studies and therefore resulted in a less than outstanding transcript, high schools may send the wrong transcript
More specifically: Recruiters forget about applications. As in my case--I applied to the Univ of MD and was considered for an elite scholarship, however, my application was mysteriously forgotten about (I'm not sure if this happens often, so I think it is an unique experience).
For the most part, however college recruiters try to find a diverse group of students to admit.

If the student who have higher GPA and higher SAT get good colleges, when compared to the other students. But some students suffered due to the economic problem. The colleges give preference to the high score students. It is same as in the management entrance test. The management colleges choose the students who have higher JMET scores.
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