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What are candy melts?

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They are essentially coloured white chocolate. Commonly used in candy making and baking.
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How does cotton candy melt in your mouth?

The reason cotton candy dissolves in your mouth begins with the manufacturing process. First the sugar was melted and heated then dried into tiny strands whrn the cotton candy

Which candy melts in your mouth but not in your hands?

That would be M&Ms.

How does candy reach the melting point?

The melting point of candy varies from one type to another. Sugar candy like lollipops require very high heat to melt. Chocolate candy can melt in your hand. If you have a spe

How does one melt hard candy?

You accidently leave a bag of your hard candy of choice on the dash board of your car in the middle of summer. Preferably, you live in Arizona or Texas. It melts every time! P

What kind of candy bar melted?

If you're asking what candies melt than chocolate (hersheys melt the best) is your answer. A microwave will show you that if you put one in.

Can you melt a candy cane?

Yes, you can melt a candy cane. The method of melting would depend on what you wanted to do with it, but generally, you can put it in a pan on low heat and continue to stir. I