What are air molecules and water molecules?

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Air molecules is a little vague, the air that we breath is a mixture of mainly nitrogen (72% or so) oxygen and carbon dioxide. A water molecule is H20, two hydrogen polar covalently bonded to one Oxygen. Besides for the two bonds to H the oxygen also has 2 lone pairs of electrons. To spread the charge the molecule has a bent shape. Due to the difference in electronegativity between H and O and the shape of the molecule water is polar. This allows water to hydrogen bond which connect s the H from one molecule to the O of another molecule, holding water together as a liquid. When you boil water these intermolecular forces are overcome and each individual molecule separates from each other, creating water vapor ( which is water in the gas phase). However, each individual water molecule remains the same.
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Why is a water molecule a polar molecule?

Different elements have different electro-negativities. Electro-negativity is the ability of an atom to withdraw 'electron density' towards itself, i.e. it makes electrons com

What is the molecule for air?

Nitrogen (N 2 ) 78.084 % Oxygen (O 2) 20.9476 % Argon (Ar) 0.934 % Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) 0.0314 % Neon (Ne) 0.001818 % Methane (CH 4 ) 0.0002 % Helium (He) 0.000524 % Krypt

What type of molecule is a water molecule?

A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom. The unique way in which they bond causes one are of the molecule to be negative and the other ar

Are air molecules larger than water molecules?

Most molecules comprising our atmosphere are smaller than water molecules. However Earth's atmosphere still has many substances comprised of molecules that are much larger tha