What are Surround Sound receivers are composed of?

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There are many variations of surround sound receivers but most will have at least some of the elements listed below:

Input selector - allows multiple audio and video inputs to be connected and selected one at a a time. Audio is passed on to the nest stages while the video is normally returned to a video output to drive a television input.

Audio extractor - HDMI signals carry video and audio. An audio extractor is used to obtain the audio element to pass on to later stages of the signal chain.

Audio processor - the device that decodes incoming signals to the separate signals needed to drive each speaker. Additional processing may add delays to some or all of the signals to assist with lip syncing to the image as well as to assist in the the surround sound set up.

Audio equaliser - adjustments for low, mid and high frequencies. It can be two, three, seven or perhaps 15 bands depending on the model.

Power amplifier - the part that takes low level signals and amplifies them ready to drive the loudspeakers.
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What is surround sound?

Surround sound is an audio technique that can play discrete audio from each speaker to give you the experience of what you're watching.

Do you need to have a receiver for the Panasonic SP-PK21BS surround sound I have a samsung bluray player that has speaker connections will that work?

The Panasonic SC-BT series (there is no SP-series) are theatre-in-a-box systems with a disc player with built-in amplifier. You don't need a receiver for this. Your Samsung wo
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Where can one purchase a Surround Sound Receiver?

You can purchase a Surround Sound Receiver from a range of electrical shops. These include Amazon and Currys where prices var from å£100 to å£600 depending on the