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Ovex Technologies was incorporated with a vision of becoming one of the region's leading companies in providing business process outsourcing and IT solutions. Presently, Ovex stands as the largest third party offshore BPO and call centre solutions provider in Pakistan and is focused on providing the finest BPO and IT solutions to its clients, thus ensuring a reduction in costs, better focus on core competencies, and enhanced competitiveness in the market. In a short period of time, Ovex has emerged in the International market as a name to be relied upon and trusted. Our dedicated and vastly experienced management team makes sure that we maintain our stronghold in the emergent market of Pakistan by providing outstanding Business Process Outsourcing and IT solutions to our local clients.

Our customer management services provide numerous benefits to companies from various business sectors. The sheer commitment of Ovex's team to provide exceptional and reliable customer management services ensures value addition for our clients. Our expertise benefits the client doubly as the costs are not immensely reduced but also the customer satisfaction level is vastly improved. Our customer management services include;
  • • Customer Service
  • • Telemarketing
  • • Market Research
  • • Data Analysis and Research Services
  • • Order Management
  • • Call Center Technical Support
  • • Answering Service

Ovex Technologies accountancy outsourcing services comprise of full scope Business Process Outsourcing solution. Our accounting services solutions give management the required information to manage the business, whilst providing greater control and improved efficiency over company's vital records and security. Following are the offered accounting services:

Core Accountancy Services
  • • Accounts Receivable
  • • Accounts Payable
  • • Collection and Billing
  • • Payroll & Commissions
  • • Document Management
  • • Travel and Entertainment Expense accounting

Reporting and Management Information System
  • • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • • Industry Research and Analysis
  • • Competitor Information & Analysis
  • • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • • Financial Analysis

Regulatory and Contractual Compliance
  • • Corporate Returns
  • • Income Tax returns
  • • SOX compliance
  • • Sales Tax returns
  • • Contract Reviews

Ovex Technologies in collaboration with Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings creates the Internet solutions that make easy access to information anywhere, at any time. Ovex Technologies Network Solution gives you:

• Consultation on the best equipment and network solutions for your organization.
• Expertise in both ISDN and IP networks and migration path.
• Access to a wide range of best-in-class products, supported by our multi-vendor service expertise.
• Specialized networking design, implementation, integration and service know-how.
• Thought Planning and Intelligent Design
• Network Consultation
• Integration and Deployment Services
• Specialized network infrastructure support

Our end-to-end suite of networking solutions differentiate themselves through the combination of high quality products coupled with highly-skilled sales engineers - a key component of each implementation. Ovex's Cisco power pack consists of:

• Wide Area Network Architecture Design, Implementation and Maintenance
• Data Centre Infrastructure Design, Procurement, Deployment and Maintenance [Tier 1-4]
• Network Security
• Unified Communication Design, Implementation and Support

Ovex Technologies is well equipped with skilled analysts, designers and developers to make advanced Microsoft solution deployments practically reliable. Through Ovex, increase your productivity, boost operational efficiency and connect subsidiaries, customers and business partners with a solution that is adaptable, integrated and cost effective.

Our solutions Include:
• Microsoft Business Solutions
• Business Process & Integration
• Messaging & Collaboration
• Business Process Automation
• Enterprise Content Management
• Information Worker Solutions
• Customized Development

Ovex provides you with the following EMC Data Storage Solutions;
Hardware Storage Platforms
In order to cater the need for the growing requirements of large data repositories, we offer the most extensive and powerful line of EMC storage solutions that will operate in virtually any hardware and operating system environment, regardless of the hardware manufacturer. Depending on what the particular requirements may be and the specifics of the customer's environment we can provide a Direct Attach Storage Solution, a Storage Area Network (SAN) Solution, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, or a combination of these technologies for a comprehensive storage solution.

Full Back-up Recovery and Archiving
Companies are struggling to meet escalating backup and recovery service level requirements because of rapid growth of information in the production environment. EMC Back up Recovery and Archiving solutions provide you with the following benefits:
• Accelerates the entire process by reducing backup data-and with efficient disk-based backup.
• Improves performance by freeing up space on your production system.
  • • Protects key data with policy-based management of information retention/deletion.
  • • Eliminates needless backups by moving unchanging information to an active archive.
  • • Matches infrastructure costs with changing information value via efficient, cost-effective tiered storage.

Ovex offers EMC consolidation solutions that simplify the infrastructure and help meet key business and IT challenges. By optimizing your data centre, we actually improve efficiencies and increase service levels. With industry-leading technologies from EMC, we can help you plan, design, and manage your consolidated infrastructure. This not only reduces costs, but it also simplifies management of the growing amount of information. Furthermore, it helps in optimizing access and energy efficiency. Our consolidation solutions include:
• Infrastructure Consolidation
  • • Server Consolidation
  • • Data Center Consolidation
  • • IP Storage Consolidation
  • • Mid-Range Tiered Consolidation
  • • High-end Tiered Consolidation

Document Management
We offer EMC Document Management Solutions (Documentum) that will enable you to automate and manage documents through their complete lifecycle, from capture and creation through approval and archiving. With the help of EMC Solutions, you can capture and store virtually any kind of document in a single document repository. Documents are securely managed through browser-based access, leveraging tools for workflow, business process management, annotation and search.


Corporate Office:
31 A C-1, Ghalib Road ,
Gulberg III, Lahore.
Tel:: +92 42 111 111 502
Fax: +92 42 578 5636
Email: info@ovextech.com

2nd Floor, EFU House,
Jail Road, Lahore.
Tel: +92 42 571 5685
Fax: +92 42 571 5681
Email: info@ovextech.com

Islamabad - PAKISTAN
Ground Floor
Evacuee Trust Complex
F-5/1, Sir Agha Khan Road ,
Tel: +92 51 111 111 502
Fax: +92 51 2873110
Email: info@ovextech.com

Hajvery Plaza
1st Floor
China Chowk
Jinnah Avenue
Email: info@ovextech.com

Karachi - PAKISTAN
4th Floor,
Cavish Court,
A/35, Block 7 & 8,
K.C.H.S.U Shahrae Faisal,
Tel: +92 21 5873937
Email: info@ovextech.com

California - USA
Ovex Global
18701 S. Figueroa Street
Gardena, CA 90248.
Tel: 310-337-5200
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