What are 3 differences between Lord of the Flies novel to the book?

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The "Lord of the Flies" novel is a book. Don't you mean what are three diffeences between the novel and the movies?
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What is the difference between a novel and a book?

A novel is a book-length fictional manuscript whose pages whenprinted and bound inside a cover becomes a book. Just beingfictional and bound isn't enough -- collections of sho

Who are the characters in the novel Lord of the Flies in chapter 3?

Only three characters take an active and named part in chapter three. Jack, who was hunting for pigs alone, returned to the beach and struck up a conversation with Ralph, who

What are the differences between the novel and movies of Lord of the Flies?

There are two movie versions of Lord of the Flies. The 1963 version, shot in Black & White, sticks fairly closely to the original story, missing out a few incidents because of

How do you cite the novel the Lord of the Flies?

1 Go to easybib.com 2. click the BOOK tab under Cite a: 3. just type in Lord Of The Flies 4. Pick an option and the website should cite it for you 5. Save it and copy and p