What Greek activities were important to Greek economics?

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Farming, fishing, trading, cultural activities.
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What is the importance of Greek?

Greek language is very important because it is the basis for all modern-day languages. There is a vast bibliography on the matter, where you can find thousands of Greek words

Are Greeks important?

As one of Europe's early major civilizations, much of what we are today came from them. They are the basis of the idea of Democracy, established the the Olympic Games, created

What did the Greek import?

They imported their goods to trade and sell. Like grains, grapes, and olives to make wine they also traded thy idea of the alphabet :)

How was Greek mythology important to the Greeks?

It was their religion. It was important to them the same way yours is important to you (assuming you follow one). Religion created a moral expectation for people to follow, an

How did the geography of Greece influence Greek economic activity?

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