Was Marc Antony smart in his time?

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He was a very political creature and wanted power.
Until he came under the influence of Cleopatra and drugs.
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Was Marc Antony a great leader?

I think he was in the begining, because he was Caesars friend and was not part of the homicide. Antony was trying to betray brutus and Cassius, by talking about Caesar will on

When did cleopetra meet Marc Antony?

No one knows for certain when Cleopatra first met Antony, but there are two speculative times that they could have met. The first is when Cleopatra's father was returned to th

Who was Marc Antony?

Marc Antony was a distant relative of Julius Caesar on his mother's side. He was a cavalry officer and quaestor in Caesar's army. He was a capable administrator as long as the

Marc Antony- who was he?

Antony was a daring general in the army of http://www.answers.com/main/ntq-dsid-1648-dekey-juliuscaesar who rose to become one of Caesar's closest colleagues. After Caesar was

Marc Antony what did he do?

Marc Antony actually did very little that was positive. Julius Caesar tolerated him because of family ties and also because Antony was a good subordinate. However when it came

Did Marc Antony speak in Greek?

Yes. Marc Antony was an educated Roman and spoke in Greek as all educated men (and women) did. However, in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, Casca reports that during the Lupe

How did Marc Antony feel about Caesar?

Marc Antony strongly supported Caesar, and went to great lengths to convince the people of Rome that Caesar was not trying to become a king. Marc Antony was one of the only pe

To whom was Marc Antony married?

Marc Antony was first married to an obscure girl named Fadia, then his cousin, Antonia, then to Fulvia, the richest woman in Rome, then to Octavia, Octavian's sister, and last

How and where was Marc Antony buried?

You're asking a very relevant question to explorations going on today. So far, we simply do not know how or where he was buried. All we know is that he was buried with Cleopat

How many wives did Marc Antony have?

Marc Antony was so called a womanizer. #1 Fadia kids: Unknown #2 Antonia kids: Daughter, Antonia #3 Fulvia kids: Sons, Marcus Antonius Antyllus and Iullus Antonius #4 Octavia

Are Antony and Marc Antony the same person?

Yes, they are the same person, it's just that his name is sometimes shortened to just his last name. Actually, the name "Antony" is an English connotation. In Latin you may se

Why did Julius Caesar refused the crown 3 times by Marc Antony?

It is said that the offering of the crown to Caesar was a put up job carried out to clear Caesar of any royal ambitions. Caesar had amassed more power than any other Roman lea