The smell from a pot of stew wafts through the house because?

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the liquid vaporizes and the resulting gas molecules wander about the room apex :)
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How do you get rid of the burnt taste in stew that cooked on to the pot?

Depending on how bad the burnt taste is. For the most part it is almost imposible to remove it completely. You could try transfering it to another pot and adding more ingredia

How do you cook a beef stew in a crock pot?

you can brown your stew meat in a skillet until slightly done then put it in a crockpot. There's a stew seasoning you can buy in packets at the store, and put that with your s

Can an officer enter a house just by the smell of pot?

Yes - if there are minors present or they think you are dealing. It's not usually worth their time though. If they don't have a warrant then you can't let them in unless yo

When cooking beef stew do you cover pot to simmer?

You can cover beef stew while it simmers, but you don't have to. If you don't cover it, you should check it often to avoid steaming out all the liquid and having the stew to s