The nationality of the people working in NASA?

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How many people work at NASA?

According to, the number of employyes working for NASA in 2006 was 17, 059. The URL to this information is :

How does NASA work?

What Does NASA Do? . 02.01.10 . NASA's vision: To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind. To do that, thousand

Who works for NASA?

The people who are very skilled in math and people who are good in earth science work in NASA.

About how many people work for NASA in 2009?

Probably around 18.000.00 base workers.. I have no idea of how many contract workers they employ but that number must be fairly high given the world wide research that NASA i

What is nasa working on right now?

im not sure but go to then go to missions then it should say past present or future. pick whatever you need. hope it helps :)

How many Iranian people work in nasa?

Hi.Iranian are intellectual People.I guess many of them working for Nasa.But we do not know the name of all of them.One of them who now is retiered is Professor Reza.With Kind

Do you have to be certified in anything to work in Nasa?

What is required depends on exactly what job you're applying for. NASA, as a federal agency, posts jobs on if you want to know jobs are available and what the spec