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The most widely used illegal drug in the United States is?

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Which country uses the most illegal drugs?

I am not sure which country USES the most, but I know that last year America had spent the most money on illegal drugs. I'm pretty sure Amereica uses the most drugs. -----

The most used illegal drug?

The most illegally used drug today would be prescription pills. If someone is in possession of a prescription drug that is not theirs, it is the same as possession of a contro

What are America's most used illegal drugs?

The top illegal drugs used in America are: Marijuana, which has  been legalized in some states but continues to be an illegal drug  of abuse- ("weed", "herb") Heroin, which

What is the most widely used drug?

If you mean illegal drug then cannabis, weed, pot whatever you want to call it. Millions of people around the world smoke it on a regular basis.