The importance of hugas-bigas for the growth of plants?

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the importance of the hugas-bigas in the growth of plants are it helps to grow more or less,2x than the natural process `cause the hugas-bigas contain starch,some vitamins and minerals from the soil and some properties of the fertilizer being applied.
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How are nutrients important to plant growth?

Nutrients are food therefore they need food to survive. Hi, There are three important nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassinitrogen.

Importance of hugas-bigas?

Hugas-bigas is a white liquid that comes from washing the rice. Itis an important fertilizer which helps in plant growth.

What is the importance of light to plant growth?

Plants need light to make their own food, which they use to carry out their life functions, including growth.

Why is sunlight important to plant growth?

it depends what plant you are growing some need certain amount's of sunlight. Sunlight helps the plant to make food to ensure growth for the plant

Importance of water for plant growth?

Water is equally important for plants. It performs the following important functions in plants: 1. Water is essential for the germination of seeds and growth of plants. 2. Dur

Why is humus important for growth of plants?

Because Humus decays rocks to make soil and soil is a food for plants, which are a food to animals, which are a food to us. So soil is a source if food directly to plants and