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- men and women, black or white or any other color, are ALL equal
- freedom of speech
- the right to medical care (but not necessarily free or low-cost)
- the right to refuse medical treatment (even this can be restricted if you are underage)
- the right to have a safe working environment
- freedom of the press
- the right to privacy (with restrictions)
- freedom of religion
- the right to own property
- the right to bear arms
- rights concerning children (child abuse, child porn, and work conditions)
- freedom of opinion and expression
- the right to receive an education
- freedom of movement/travel
- the right to adequate housing
- freedom from cruel and unusual punishment
- the right to an attorney
- the right to a fair trial by jury
- disabled citizens and the elderly have the right to work
- equal pay for men and women
- the right to start our own business
- the right of sexual orientation/preference (but not necessarily the right to marry)
- the right to have an abortion (with limits of course)
- innocent until proven guilty
- the right to have a minimum wage
- the right to adequate housing
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