The enzyme that helps to regulate the cell cycle is called?

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protein kinase are the protiens that regulate cell cycle.
it has 2 subunits-
a)catalytic unit called as cyclin dependent protien kinase (CDK)

b) regulatory subunit called as cyclin binding unit
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How do cells regulate enzymes?

There are two ways wherein cells regulate the activity of enzymes.These involve controlling the amount of the enzyme and controllingthe activity level of the enzyme.

How do cells regulate the activity of an enzyme?

Cells regulate enzyme activity through two methods: allosteric inhibition and competitive inhibition. Allosteric inhibition is when something (an ion, an organic chemical, etc

How enzymes control the cell cycle?

The enzyme production is directed by genes located on the chromosomes. A general is a segment of DNA that control the production ofrece a protein.and the protein calles cyclin