The door was left open on a 2000 Chyryslar Sebring and now it wont start?

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You ran the battery dead. Jump the car and let it stay running for a while so it can recharge itself
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2000 Ford Expedition right rear door wont open?

You did not mention if you could open it from the inside and not the outside. If that is the case then on the inside of the doornear the latch that may be tripped. If the hatc

Fuel door wont open?

If it is one that pops open when you pull a lever inside the car (by the driver's leg, usually), the spring is probably broken. Have someone pull that lever while you open the

Where is the door sensor on a 2000 Chrysler sebring?

On my 2000 sebring convertable they are on the door jamb near the part that the door latches on to where the back of the door comes to rest. They look kind of like a bicycle t

Late model 99 jetta wont start lights flash when you open the front door and and then go off when you try to start it have had problems starting with out starting fluid and trys to stall now this?

Lights flash? Sounds like a possible problem with your Jetta's security system. Starting fluid ain't a good answer. Try to find someone who can disable your car's security sys