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The amount of lighted side of the moon you can see is the same during?

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new moon and full moon phase .
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Why do you see the same side of the moon?

Answer   Because of the proximity of the moon to the earth and the effect of the earth's gravitation on the moon, the moon has experienced tidal locking and is now in wha

Do we always see the same side of the moon?

Pretty much. The moon keeps the same face turned towards Earth all the time, though it "wobbles" a bit so it's possible to see a bit over half its surface from Earth (not all

When can you see the lighted side of the moon?

Provided your sky is clear and you know when and where to look, you can see at least some of the moon's lighted side on roughly 26 days/nights out of every 29. At the time

Why people see the same side of the moon?

Just like the sun the moon rises and sets...so as the earth rotates you see the same moon and the same sun it's just when the sun is on one part of the earth you see the moon