Suggest you some good name for your interior design firm?

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Suggest some catchy name for interior design firm
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Is an interior designer a good job?

Yes! An interior designer is a good job you can have fun while helping someone with their home. . An interior designer does/ is: . help someone out with their house. .

Is interior design a good job?

That's what I wanna do. It all depends on how much you wanna do it. Note: No matter how fun the job is, ALL jobs have some difficulty.

Suggest some good names for a new school?

Good names for new schools often involve important people who gaveto the school or made a local impact. If there is someone whohelped fund the school, you could name the new s

Is interior design a good career choice?

Interior design is a great career choice. It may not pay thehighest at first, new designers make around 30,000 dollars a year.If you stick with it, you can develop a clientele

Interior designing after civil engineering is it good?

i think so! civil engineering is not only railroads andskyscrapers. its also planning and designing which is what you'vebeen studying for how long? im sure your clients will b

Is sociology a good course for interior design?

Interior design is mostly emotional. Read professional journals on how human beings are affected by internal spaces. However, you might spend time looking at successful models