Similarities between data and information?

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Data and information are similar only because data is a raw form of information. Therefore, they are one and the same. Information differs because it is organized, whereas data is not.
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What is the difference between data and information?

Data consists of raw facts and figures. When that data is processedinto sets according to context, it provides information. For example, recording the temperature of your cla

What is a comparison between data and information?

Comparison of Data and Information . Data is form of information but information is not strictly data. Data is facts, figures or words and must be organized or interpreted

What is the relationship between data and information?

Basically there is no difference. Data could be the numbers and fields in a spreadsheet, that would also be the information that you would want to convey via the spreadsheet.

Difrence between data and information?

Data are individual elements and information is what you can derive from it. A list of numbers is data. Their average or total is information. A list of the birthdays of all o

What is the differences between information and data?

Data is what is stored on a computer, disc or drive. Information is what we get from the data. Data is information, it can be stored anywhere. A computer is simply one place

What is diffence between data and information?

Data is often viewed as the theory, a system of rules and procedures and assumptions used to create a result. A form of abstract knowledge or reasoning. Information then becom