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Shows like Buffy the vampire slayer with the relationship where the two who fall in love hate each other like the Buffy angelus relationship?

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Charmed: Pheobe/Cole (This is probably one of the closest relationships to the Buffy/Angel thing)

True Blood: Sookie/Bill - Sookie/Eric (This is a more recent development)

Moonlight: Mick/Beth (This is a bit of a love-resentment relationship).

Veronica Mars: Veronica/Logan (This is also a lot like Buffy/Angel without the supernatural stuff. I KNOW it is pegged as a teen drama, but give it a chance because it is one of Joss Whedon's all time favorites).

Angel: Fred/Gunn, Fred/Wesley/Illyria (Not a threesome, its a love hate thing BECAUSE of Illyria)

Firefly: Mal/Inara (They can't decide which is the dominant emotion - which is amusing to watch, and also sad).

Smallville: Clark/Lana (They don't exactly HATE each other, but if you watch, you'll see what I mean. Think: Hancock)

These are some of my favorite shows, so happy watching!
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