Should you be worried if you are 6 weeks pregnant with little nausea but had bad nausea with your past 2 miscarriages?

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Nothing is certain but I would try not to worry. If you miscarry again you definitely need to get checked out as there may be some little thing preventing you carrying a pregnancy. Good Luck
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Should you be worried if you have little pin drops of red when you are 6 weeks' pregnant?

Answer . ~~I had a miscarriage 1 1/2 years ago and it was simply slight spotting, and there were no cramps involved. A very quiet and painless miscarriage. I am 7 weeks pr

8 weeks pregnant but have had really bad pains - like period pain - you are not bleeding but you are worried you have had a miscarriage Should you be worried about the stomach pains?

8 weeks pregnant with pain . Any bad pains during pregnancy are cause for concern - especially this early on. Contact your doctor, medi-center or emergency room immediately

If you had a previous miscarriage at 12 weeks and are pregnant again should you be worried?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nSorry to hear the previous case! Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck! Take care of yourselves and I know it is hard but don't worry

Can nausea occur at 4 weeks pregnant?

Answer . I'm afraid so! I started feeling as sick as a dog at just 3 and a half weeks. My doctor assured me it was perfectly OK and happens because of all the hormone and p

Is Nausea normal at 40 weeks pregnant?

I am 38th Week pregnant. My due date is 23rd November. I am still getting vomittings daily. Doc has adviced me to take Rekool D and I have been taking that from 1st trimest

Worried not feeling nausea at 8 weeks pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms are different for every person. Some women notice less symptoms in their 2nd, 3rd and so on, pregnancies and some women never have morning sickness, tender

Is nausea common after miscarriage?

I'm not sure if it's common, but I have been experiencing nausea on & off since my miscarriage about 8 days ago. I'm already getting negative pregnancy tests but perhaps my ho

Should you be worried if you have had a headache and nausea for over a week?

The best advice would be to see a board certified (ask them) headache specialist who is specially trained in the diagnosis and management of headache disorders. Headache and n