Should prayers be allowed in public schools?

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Yes, everyone should have their right to express their Freedom of Speech in any place, they like too. But if someone politely requests to stop the prayer, because it's offending to him/her, it should be stopped
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Should public school have prayer?

Opinions . Separation of church and state. If you say yes, what prayers should be said? Hindu, Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Satanists, etc? . Yes, because prayer is go

Why should prayer be allowed in schools?

Another answer from our community: Although this is slightly outside the context (ie the USA), itmight be of interest to the asker of the question to know that inthe UK co

Should prayer be allowed in schools?

Depends how you look at it allowing prayers in schools means all relegions have the right to have there own prayer in there own way so many schools simply have a moment of sil

When was prayer banned from public schools?

The US Supreme Court first held organized prayer in public schools unconstitutional under the First Amendment Establishment Clause in Engel v. Vitale, ( 1962 ). It

Should prayer be allowed in school?

Opinion: No, unless it's religious school. Opinion: Yes, as long as nobody is compelled to do so. I would dare say thatthe teacher should have a right to do so too, as long a

Why should prayer and bible reading be allowed in school?

The question really is, "Why shouldn't prayer and Bible reading be allowed in school?" The U.S. is based on equal rights to all, and America was founded on Christian princip

Should school prayer be allowed In schools?

Opinion Prayer should be allowed in religious schools. Parents who wish their children to participate in prayer sessins during schooltime should have the option of sending t

Should there be a prayer in a public school?

Anyone can pray Silently at anytime or anyplace and they will be heard by God. No, there should no be a spoken prayer in public school, because any spoken prayer would probabl
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Should prayers be permitted in your public schools?

Without tripping off someone's political correctness meter or upsetting the applecart of their very easily offended psyche, Yes, it should. Freedom of religion should always