Should prayer be permitted in public schools?

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Yes. It's on our monetary currency, so why not.
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Should public school have prayer?

Opinions . Separation of church and state. If you say yes, what prayers should be said? Hindu, Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Satanists, etc? . Yes, because prayer is go

When and by whom was prayer taken out of public schools?

Amber Supko In 1963 there started to be some people against the Lord's Prayer in public schools. Stew731 The U. S. Supreme Court issued two bans. One in 1962 and the seco

Should prayers be allowed in public schools?

\n. \n. \nYes, everyone should have their right to express their Freedom of Speech in any place, they like too. But if someone politely requests to stop the prayer, because

When was prayer banned from public schools?

The US Supreme Court first held organized prayer in public schools unconstitutional under the First Amendment Establishment Clause in Engel v. Vitale, ( 1962 ). It

Should prayer be permitted in school?

That is pretty much a question of belief right now. But the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution to disallow exercise of religion during instructional periods. (In o

Why is it important that you keep prayer in the public school?

People who want to keep prayer in schools do not compartmentalize their lives, putting education and religion in different boxes. For many, religion is part of a good educat

Should there be a prayer in a public school?

Anyone can pray Silently at anytime or anyplace and they will be heard by God. No, there should no be a spoken prayer in public school, because any spoken prayer would probabl

Should prayers be permitted in your public schools?

Without tripping off someone's political correctness meter or upsetting the applecart of their very easily offended psyche, Yes, it should. Freedom of religion should always