Should cyberbullying be allowed?

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No, cyberbullying shouldn't be allowed anywhere.
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Why is cyberbullying not allowed on WikiAnswers anymore?

Cyberbullying has never been allowed on WikiAnswers. It used to fall under the basic rules of community guidelines and etiquette. Rules such as "Never make personal attacks" c

Should students get suspended for cyberbullying?

Yes, I do believe that if a student were to bully them on the internet ( or known as cyber bullying ) they should be suspended. Even if it is on the Internet, it is still cons

Is cyberbullying allowed on WikiAnswers?

Cyberbullying is not allowed on If you should see any cyberbullying in answers or on a usersmessage board, or are affected yourself by cyberbullying,

How should you react to cyberbullying?

If you are being cyber-bullied, remember that its best to just ignore the people doing it. . Talk to your parents about it. Their support will prevent you from feeling insecu

What should you do if you experience cyberbullying?

Just know that there cowards and have a high probability of having sad lives as well as their own emotional backstabbing issues that are being ignored or affecting there lives

Why is cyberbullying not allowed on Facebook?

Cyberbullying on Facebook Cyberbullying on facebook is when someone posts offensive statements or writes mean things on your message on facebook. Cyberbullying on facebook c

What type of punishment should there be for cyberbullying?

More than likely, there should be a mandatory psychological evaluation and therapy, probation of some sort, and the stipulations of not being allowed to use computers during t

Why is cyberbullying not allowed on this website?

Well cyber-bullying isn't really allowed anywhere but for this site it's probably because bullying in general is bad cause I knew this guys brother who commited suicide becaus

Who should you report cyberbullying to?

The police or someone who can do something about it ____________ If it is happening on a site like this one, report it to any supervisor, or if you can search and find the gro

What should a person do If they are a victim of cyberbullying?

If you are a school student and you think you may know who is behind this, then it's important that you notify school officials immediately. If you are being threatened with s