Should a comma be placed before or after registered trademark symbol?

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The trademark symbol is part of a name and as such must not be separated from the name. Therefore, a comma would follow the symbol.
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Where is the proper placement of the registered trademark symbol?

PLACEMENT OF REGISTERED TRADEMARK SYMBOL The federal trademark symbol, the encircled R (®), needs to be "displayed with the mark" (15 U.S.C. § 1111- see below). Customa

Is punctuation placed before or after a trademark symbol?

After. Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition. 8.152 - Trademarks ...Although the symbols...(for registered and unregistered trademarks, respectively) often accompany tradema

Does a trademark have to be registered for protection to take place?

Not always. Many countries recognize a common-law or statutory right to prevent others from "passing off" similar goods or services using a similar brand, once the senior bran

Where to place commas with trademarks?

· First Director of VIRTUS™, a program of The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, designed to protect children within the Catholic Church. Under Mr. McCalmon's di

Why should someone register a trademark?

The most important reason to register a trademark is to make sure you own it and that no-one else has that trademark already or you may find yourself getting sued.

Should a comma be placed before because?

Most of the time, a comma is not placed before the word, "Because". I am not for sure, but there may or may not be a time where this rule applies.

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It depends upon the situation. While the comma is often left out in a series, it is still considered proper to use it in a series of three or more words to avoid confusion and

How do you make a registered trademark symbol?

Answer 1: A "registered" trademark symbol is the capital letter "R" with a circle around it. And it's always in superscript, to the immediate right of the word or phrase that