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Pony boy ( main character ) lives in a bad town where there is a rivalry between the Greasers ( pony's family and gang ) and the Soc's ( the rich kids ) . He and his older brothers take care of him since their parents passed away. Pony and his friend get into a fight with the Soc's one night at the park because the Soc's had been drinking too much. His friend, Johnny, stabs one of them to prevent them from drowning Pony boy in the fountain. They then have to leave town and live in a old abandoned church. One day, a fire starts in the church while a group of students is taking a field trip to it. Pony and Johnny, heroically rescue the students from the flames, but it crashes down on Johnny. He eventually passes away in the hospital. The greasers have one final fight against the Soc's at the park. The greasers win. One of the greaser gang , who is known for getting in trouble with the law and is furious over the death of Johnny, gets shot by the police.
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What is a short summary of chapters 3-4 of The Outsiders?

The Outsiders Chapters 3-4 Summary: Chapter 3 Ponyboy, Two-Bit, and Johnny walk to Two-Bit's house with Cherry and Marcia so that they can give the girls a ride home. As

What is a four paragraph summary for The Outsiders?

"The Outsiders" People will hide there true life from others and present there fairytale life to make it easier for others. This is presented in S.E Hinton's The Outsiders.

What is the plot summary for The Outsiders?

Plot Summary The Greaser Gang The Outsiders opens with the recollections of Ponyboy Curtis, the narrator of the story. He tells the reader in the first paragraph that he is

Chapter one summary of The Outsiders?

In the story is begins with a 14 years old boy who is called Ponyboy Curtis and he sturrles with right and wrong is a society in which is an outsider. As Ponyboy , his brother

Chapter 6 summary of The Outsiders?

What happened in chapter six is Ponyboy ran down into the burning church they were staying in for the past couple of days to go save the children because he probobly started i

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What is the summary of chapter 7 the outsiders?

The reporters and the police interview Pony in the hospital while he, Darry, and Soda wait for news of Dally and Johnny. Finally, the doctor tells them that Dally's arm is bad

What is a short summary of chapter 5-6 of the outsiders?

It's funny cuz i had the same question but the answer is when Dally Winston comes to meet Johnny and Ponyboy while they are eating Johnny says I think we shoyuld hand ourselve