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The rule of a haiku is to follow the pattern.5 syllables on the 1st line,7 on the second, and 5 again on the last line.
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What is a haiku?

A haiku is a Japanese poem! One of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry haiku is, today, a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7,

What is haiku?

first line 5 syllables second line 7 syllables third line 5 syllables

What are Haikus?

They are poems, originally from Japan, with seventeen syllables. Traditionally, the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven and third line has again five.

What are the rules of haiku?

The rules are there are 3 lines. 5 syllables in the first line 2nd line has 7 syllables the third line has five Like this: You make me feel great so sweet my favor

The rules of a haiku?

A haiku usually haves: 5 syllables on the first line 7 syllables on the second line 5 syllables on the third line But can also have other patters such as 2,3,2.

What is a silly haiku?

Haikus are funny But sometimes they don't make sense. Refrigerator.

Do haiku have to rhyme?

No. While a haiku is a type of japanese poetry, there is no need  for any phrases to rhyme within the haiku itself. Instead of  focusing on rhyming, haikus focus on 17-sylla

How do you do an haiku?

a haiku is a Japanese poem that has only 3 lines. each line has to have only a certain amount of syllables, the first line has 5, the second lines has 7, and the third has 5.