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being nosy or intrusive
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Can I put money in a parking meter for someone else's car?

Anyone can put money in a parking meter for someone else, but this activity, called re-metering, is illegal in some cities. An enterprising type of individual arose some years

How do i put someone else's MySpace pic on my MySpace?

first u need to go on the other persons mypace and go to their photos then click on the on you want then copy the cod that is to the right hand side. After you have done all o

Can I put Apps on my Ipod from someone else's?

no unfortunately there is no software out yet that allows you to transfer apps from one itouch to another but I'm sure apple will make a app or something that lets you do that

Can I put part of someone else's pop song on my website?

With a license, yes. Without a license, only in very specific circumstances, such as education or criticism. If you choose to rely on fair use, you will want to ensure that