Purpose of poll tax literacy test and actions of the KKK?

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I'm not sure about the KKK part but the purpose of poll tax and literacy test were restrictions to voting. A poll tax was a fee you had to pay to vote and poor people could not afford it. The literacy test made you read and explain a section of the Constitution, and most poor people did not get any education so they would not pass it. Sorry i don't know about the actions of the KKK.
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What outlawed the use of poll taxes and literacy tests?

Poll taxes and Literacy laws were two of the primary ways that some states kept minorities from voting. Poll taxes were set to a point that would not be difficult for White pe

What do poll taxes literacy tests and grandfather clauses have in common?

Both the poll tax literacy tests and grandfather clauses weredeveloped in order to continue the oppression of African Americansin the United States. These laws negated the abi

What was the purpose of literacy test and poll taxes?

Literacy tests and poll taxes were used to keep the newly-freed African Americans from voting. Because many blacks could neither read nor write (for the literacy test), and we

What was the poll tax and literacy test?

The poll tax and the literacy tests were methods used to prevent certain classes of people from voting. The poll tax, aimed at lower socioeconomic classes, was a tax one had