Pain in right side radiating around your back?

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Could pain in the lower right side of the back that radiates to the right front hip bone be a sign of pregnancy and if not what other symptom could it be?

Answer . You feel all sorts of pulling and cramping when your pregnant, later in the first trimester, as your ligaments stretch. Felt like period cramping to me. Now I've h

What could be the cause of pain in your upper back that radiates up your neck and around your scapula and also pain in the right shoulder that pops with certain movements?

One view: It may be the suboccipital pain. One view: I was told mine was a build up of uric acid around my muscles and joints. One view: There are a lot of muscles

If you have pain in your right lower abdomen area and sometimes it aches around you back on the right side what can this be?

Answer . It could be several things. First things first, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. It's always the best bet. Now, let's see. It could be a problem with y

What does pain on your right side and sometime in your back on right side?

I experience this same pain, I had it checked out by a doctor and it was because of an ovarian cyst and endometreosis. I had surgery to remove both, but they do come back. My

Middle back pain right side pain?

I have middle back pain but left hand side. Could be your spinal erectus or trapezius. I hurt mine from lifting a heavy object with my left hand. Takes forever to heal, maybe

How do you cure pain in the lower right side of the back that radiates to the right front hip bone?

The pain you're describing is a possible disk herniation at the L3/L4 disk area. You can further determine it if the pain goes past the hip, across your thigh and stops at the

Pain on right side back and arm?

Think of what are you doing lately. Work on a computer ? Weight... healthy lifestyle... cholesterol control, blood pressure. pillows too high or too low... toilet just once a

What is pain lower back right side?

Pain in the lower back on the right hand side can be attributed toa herniated disc, sciatica, muscle strain or a urinary tractinfection. Such pain may also be caused by spinal

Pain in your lower back that goes around to your right side?

This sounds like some nerve problem that is a little higher up. These nerves "follow" along the ribs to the front side. It could be muscle pull, too. It is hard to guess this