Ow are Derek and Casey related on Life with Derek?

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Step Brother And Stepsister
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Are Casey and Derek going to date in Life with Derek?

I don't think they will on the show since it is a children's type of show and it would probably be classified as incest or something. Keep in mind that it is not incest since

Who is the boyfriend of Casey in Life with Derek?

Well, her first boyfriend was Sam, Derek's best friend. Her second boyfriend was Max, a popular guy who goes to her school. And now, she has no boyfriend currently since she

Will Casey and Derek kiss in Life with Derek?

i hope they do but there one thing they are brother and sister in the shows. i hope they will kiss duh they r bro & sis ya they will look cute together so kiss casey no

On Life with Derek has Casey and Derek kissed?

Well her name was not Casey but in one of the episodes the carecther who plays Casey dressed up as her cousin and at the end of the episode Derek and the cousin were sitting a

Did casey get pregnant on life with Derek?

No she didn't. She almost did,but no she droped the show after they stoped playing it in america but there is reruins that go on just not in america,but other than that no

Does derek like casey in life with derek?

A lot of older fans want Derek and Casey to get together. The creator of the show (Daphne Ballon) has said that they do not like each other, and will never get together or bec