Origin of slavery?

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The oldest evidence of slavery dates to around 11,000 years ago. Anthropologists disovered a group of pygme remains in southern Africa that were shackled together.
As far as recorded and confirmed slavery, the origins are either in ancient Egypt or ancient Sumeria. Egyptian hieroglyphics show that they indeed enslaved other human beings. Hammurabi's code is a detailed outline on law's regarding how to treat slaves
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Where did slavery originate?

History shows that slavery began in Africa (particularly Egypt),China, and the ancient Aztec civilization.

Describe the origin and growth of slavery?

Slavery first began when powerful individuals, with the force of arms, guarded their surplus food storage so that only they could access them, whereas before, surplus food sto

What was Americas origins of slavery?

Europeans imported African slaves because once they settled they brought disease to the natives wiping them out and they couldn't handle the labor by themselves.

How did slavery originate?

Slavery originated in stone age times, in those days there were no machines so all work had to be done by hand labour. Since it was sometimes difficult to find enough voluntee

Did the original Constitution Out Law Slavery?

Although there was discussion about abolition during the drafting of the constitution, I am not aware of any provisions prohibiting slavery in any of the drafts of the constit