On Cyclomaniacs how do you unlock sunset city?

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Total wheelie time of 10 seconds on Volcania:Up the Mountain
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How do I calculate the sunset in my city?

Visit the US Naval Observatory's web site and you can see the time of sunrise/sunset for an entire year for your city. While the sunrise/sunset times change from day to day, t

What are the cheats for Cyclomaniacs?

CHEESE - LOW GRAVITY GERBIL - SUPER GRAVITY ELVIS - AUTO BOOST HADDOCK - HADDOCK COSTUME SNEAKY START - To do a sneak start with any bike, press UP as just before the

Will there be a cyclomaniacs 2?

i think it migth come out never so you better make "you like whales we got whale come down to the whale store" "you like donkeys we got donkeys come down to the donkey store