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If you mean the most well known of the Confederate flags (red background with 13 white stars on navy blue, piped white diagonal stripes) I think it was just called 'the battle flag' - The Confederates had to introduce this new design part way into the civil war because their earlier flag 'the stars and bars' looked too much like the Union 'stars and stripes' - causing confusion in the smoke of battle! The Confederates had three official 'national flags' preceded by an unofficial one called 'the bonnie blue flag' which was a sigle white star on black background - i.e. the south under one star. The 3 national flags were 'the stars and bars' 'the stainless banner' and the 'third national flag' - these either looked too much like the Union flag - or in the case of the 'stainless' had so much white that they looked like a flag of surrender! hence the introduction of 'the Battle flag'
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Why does the Confederate battle flag have thirteen stars?

One for each of the eleven Confederate states and one each forMissouri and Kentucky. The confederate flag's 13 stars stand for each state of theconfederacy... This is the li

What is the confederate flag nickname?

This is actually the the confederate battle flag. The "crossed stars" is still incorporated in flags of a few southern states (Georgia and Mississippi maybe more). The officia

Why does the Confederate flag have 13 stars and the battle flag only have 11 stars?

Well, even though there were 11 confederate states there were twostate (Missouri and Kentucky) did not successfully cede for theunion.///This question has incorrect informatio

What is the difference between a confederate flag and a confederate battle flag?

The official flag of the Confederacy was a blue square in the upper left corner with a variance of 7 to 13 stars in a circle, two thick red stripes top and bottom and an equal

What is a confederation flag?

A confederation flag, as with any other flag, is a representation and identification of a group of nations, such as the USSR had, or a group of states, such as the Confederate

Who was the confederate geberal who got his famous nickname at the first battle of bull run?

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson Here is how he got his nickname: During the first Battle of the Bull Run, Brigadeer-General Barnard E. Bee commented, "There is J

Why Did the confederate change the design of the battle flag so many times?

The design of the battle flag was not changed at all. In the east,in General Lee's Army, they were usually 4' X 4", square, while inthe Army of Tennessee in the west they were

What is the difference between the Confederate flag and the Confederate battle flag?

The Confederate Battle Flag (the Starry Cross) is, as the namesuggests, a military banner. During its four-year existence, theConfederacy had three "National" flags, usually r