Mrs Sedlowski knows she can get three scoops of ice cream from a pint container how many one-scoop ice cream cones can she make from a quart is a gallon enough to make 30 one-scoop ice cream cone?

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6 one scoop cones and No
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How much ice cream is in a scoop?

Most ice cream scoops are about 1/2 of a cup. Some places (like Baskin Robbins ) try to get as much ice cream as possible into one scoop and they can get closer to one cu

How many three scoop ice cream cones can you make out of 31 flavors?

You can make 10 triple deckers and one left to drop to your dog. A technical answer for a math test would be 10 1/ 3 three scooper's. But, presuming you mean that you have